Age of War 2


Left click to deploy a unit.

Age of war 2 is a delicate and exciting strategy game. You will be the leader of a tribe, leading your tribe from primitive ancient culture to modern civilized society.  Come here to experience the changes and conflicts of the times. Come here to achieve a civilization that belongs only to your tribe.

Age of war 2 game content

You will lead a tribe here to upgrade its civilization, from the primitive society of slash-and-burn to the modern nation of bizarre and bizarre. In the process of refinement, precipitation, war and conflict are indispensable. Therefore, you need to continually study your weapons and upgrade them so that they can play a powerful attack and deterrent role in the development of your tribe to prevent the enemy from invading.

Age of war 2 game features

It can take you to appreciate the different beauty of the six times and experience the journey of time and space of the six times. You can study powerful weapons in Age of war 2 and use various traps and magic. You can also fight with tens of thousands of players across the times, agitate culture in the battle, feel the uncertainties and ups and downs of history, and your achievements belong to your glorious era.

Age of war 2, it is a war game that pays attention to aiming power and strategy. Your main task here is to shoot at your opponent’s castle, use your weapons as much as possible, push down his kingdom and even the base, and you can win the game.  Otherwise, you will be invaded into your domain.  And Mario bros is also a classic adventure game. Classic characters will take you on extraordinary adventures, and you will cut through obstacles to reach the final victory point successfully.

If you want to have some exciting games, you can simulate your father’s cupcakes.  Here you will make different flavours of food for various guests in the future.  It is even more likely to be liked by more guests.  Ping pong is an online ball game. The main task you need to do is to catch as many opponent’s balls as possible. You will learn some new skills here.  While play bridge is a card game that is not easy to play, but it is very skilful to play.  Only when you try as many times as possible can you defeat your opponent successfully.